Help with your order – your questions answered.

An introduction to our 2023 Christmas order site

This online shop has been set up so you can view our Christmas range and place an order for  collection at any of our 6 shops on the 22nd, 23rd  or 24th December. Order now and pay on collection day. All orders are to collect from inside the shops this year meaning you can browse the shop on collection day and add items to your order.


Is there a minimum order value?

Not this year. If you are ordering multiple items for one collection day we would love it if you could help our teams by placing just one order.


What’s the last date for orders?

Cranstons are taking Christmas orders from Wednesday 1st November to Sunday 17th December this year.

After this date the online order system closes but it’s worth giving our shops a ring- we will always try to help, even with the most last minute of requests!


Can I order by phone or in person at the shop?

We would be very grateful if you would consider helping our busy shop teams by ordering online this year. As a thank you for placing your order online you will be placed into a Christmas prize draw with a chance to win £100 of Cranstons Vouchers- that’s a lot of free celebration food!

Cranstons understand that some of you will still prefer to place your order in person or on the phone. You will need to place the order with the shop you will collect it from.

Cumbrian Food Hall = 01768 862113
Orton Grange Food Hall = 01228 710 746
Carlisle Food Hall = 01228 521345
Brampton Food Hall = 01697 72362
Hexham Shop = 01434 602271
Penrith King Street Shop= 01768 865 667


I would like to change my order

If you wish to change items, add items, change your collection slot time or collection day please ring our central order helpline 01768 807 148 between 10am-2pm, sorry, our shops cannot make changes to orders.


I would like to cancel my order

Please ring our order helpline 01768 807 148 and a member of our team will cancel your order.


I can’t complete my order due to site issue what shall I do?

If you need support placing your order please ring our order helpline 01768 807 148 between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday




The item I want to order is showing out of stock?

Stock is limited on some of our Christmas lines such as Christmas poultry and specialist lines like our beef wellington.

Orders on these lines are restricted as we can’t risk taking orders for items we cannot supply. If an item is showing out of stock then they are no longer available to order- hopefully you can find an alternative you are happy with.


I can’t find an item I want to order?

All our Christmas order range is available to order online and we have added our most popular butchery and deli lines this year to ensure you can order everything you want.

If you can’t find an item you require please complete your order without the item (assuming your order contains other lines) . Please ring the shop you have specified to collect from regarding the additional item.  They will be able to handle your order ‘offline’ in the traditional daily customer order diary.


I can’t find the date or time slot I want ?

Initially we will be offering multiple time slots at all sites on 22nd, 23rd and 24th December.  Each slot has a capacity to ensure our shops don’t get too crowded with customers collecting their special orders. Once that capacity has been exceeded you will be asked to choose another day/time for your collection.


I haven’t received an order confirmation

Firstly please check all the folders in your email account including spam/junk. If you still haven’t received it please give our order helpline 01768 807148 a ring between 10am- 2pm Monday to Friday, we can confirm if the order has been processed and give you peace of mind.


I would like to order for New Year

If you’d like to place an order for collection on 31st December please call the shop you wish to collect from and the shop will take your order in our traditional order diary.


Can i pick Christmas items up earlier than the 22nd. 23rd or 24th December?

Lots of the items in our brochure will be launching into our shops from mid-November onwards. If you’d like to enjoy an item from our Christmas range earlier than 22nd.23rd and 24th December please visit or ring the shop you’d like to pick it up from.  Lots of items will be on the shelves and readily available, others will need to be ordered in. The whole turkeys and saddles are the only items in the brochure which don’t hit the shops until Christmas week.


I would like to order some Cranstons Gift vouchers but I can’t see them on the site?

You can buy Cranstons gift vouchers from the tills at any of our 6 shops. If you’d like gift vouchers with a value of £50 or under posting out please visit the voucher page of our delivery shop buy vouchers online. If you’d like gift vouchers with a value of over £50 posting out please email or ring our central telephone line 01768 868 680 selecting option 1 then selecting accounts.